Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Home Sweet 'Homa.

I love Oklahoma.
Always have, always will.

Born and raised. I was getting ready to say 18 years strong, and then I thought, no 23. Then I remembered the reality: 25, 25 years strong.

Yesterday seemed like a dream. A very very bad dream. One of the most surreal days I have ever experienced.

From the moment I walked outside to head to work, feeling the eeriness of the skies. Knowing already of the forewarned threat of severe weather. Trying to soak in a previous day of heartache and preparing yourself for the upcoming unknown.

It's hard to explain the feeling; numbness, stress, worry, hurt, heartache, helplessness. From the moment you hear the first tornado sirens sound to the moment you finally pry yourself from the horrific footage of the EF5 tornado- thoughts and concern still lingering in your head.

While trying to go throughout the day, my heart ached. Ached for the parents. Ached for the trapped kids. My heart even ached at the thought of me having my own children. If I knew I would ever have to face that type of loss, I think I would refrain from having children altogether. I'm not sure I could handle it.

I wanted to make my rounds around the city to hug every member of my family's neck. I stressed because I couldnt get a hold of my fiance when the storm began to develop, and it wasnt even headed his way.

I'm sure this post is quite scattered, and if so, I think that's a good inclination of exactly whats going on in my head.

My heart is heavy still today. And in that hurt, I pray and I weep and I hope along-with and for my fellow Oklahomans.

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mission Accomplished.

My 2013 New Year's Resolutions:

1. Blog 100x this year. 
2. Pay off my condo. 
3. Make a new recipe a week.
4. Save $10000.00
5. Collect an address book. And write a letter to everyone in the book.
6. Make six figures.

I have accomplished my first new year's resolution of the year. And I actually completed it back around the first of March. I have saved $10,000!! Honestly, a year and a half ago, when I started that savings account, I never really thought that would be possible. 


Through lots of discipline, a career change, some tax returns, and selling a pickup I acquired through my brother, it was accomplished.
And most of my real life friends (who would also be the only people reading this blog) know what that beloved money was being saved for. 

I'm 1/6th of the way there. Woot, Woot!

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Sorry for the disappointment.

If I were seriously into reading this blog (which I'm not sure any one qualifies), I would be majorly disappointed.

Not only is this blog hit or miss with when there will be a new post, it is also filled with its fair share of false promises. I won't even try to go back and read the number of posts that state something to the effect of "I'm serious this time....I'm really going to start blogging....Sorry for it being so long..." If you need to see an example, look at the last blog right below this one written APRIL 15....almost a month ago.

So I don't want to make any promises (though I do really want to make those promises- its just part of who I am, I guess), let's juts hope that it get better than this. Because sometimes it can't get any worse.
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