Sunday, May 29, 2011

DIY: Script Nails.

first DIY project: newspaper script nails.

this is the picture i found regarding the newspaper nails. i thought it looked interesting, pretty unique, so i thought id give it a shot.

step one: paint your nails a neutral color. i picked white. bad choice. i picked it because it could double when, more like if, i wanted to paint a french manicure.

step two: gather supplies (or maybe you should do this first). you will need scissors, newspaper, rubbing alcohol. and a bowl for the alcohol.

step three: (after pouring the alcohol into the bowl and newspaper is cut into small strips that can cover your nails) and after nails are dried completely. dip a nail in the alcohol and then place a newspaper strip on top of it. then remove the strip, and the writing should have transferred to the nail. you may finish the look with a clear coat of nail polish.

.......and this is how mine turned out:

yep, there is a very, very slight difference. i think it had to do with the bad color choice, probably a softer neutral would have worked better. also, the newspaper i used was older, i think if you used a fresher newspaper the ink would be more willing to come off of the pages.

however since my nails did not turn out so well, i had to take off the polish before work the next day, it looked like i was a child who played with a bottle of white-out.

so i guess the first see it and try it DIY project was not so successful, but dont worry i will redeem myself, and maybe one day redeem the script nails as well.

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

i decided today that i don't blog near enough, so today (or maybe tomorrow) i plan on changeing that. a couple of things to be on the lookout for in the upcoming blog posts: DIY PROJECTS- i have always been a huge fan of these, however it always seem like the people giving tutorials are some sort of superhuman, while i, on the other hand, always seem to run into some sort of glitch, so ill write about the projects so that ou may be forewarned. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN LETTERS- there are different times in my life where some company lets me down. ill vent here to tell you what they could do better, ill include a letter if i am sending one to the company, and ill keep you updated on any measures taken to clear their name and restore goodness in humanity. CONDO UPDATES- ive lived in my condo for almost 7 months and have lots still left to do on the to do list. this will include before and after shots, and the ho-hum of the how the project came to completion. dont worry the blog will still, as always, continue to contain undertakings, life stories, and random thoughts.
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