Monday, March 14, 2011

baby business

today i attended a baby shower, and of course, as with all baby showers, i needed a gift. i didnt't want just plain gift, i wanted something creative and unique. so i decided to achieve this goal, i would need to make it myself. and here are the final products.
the coffee onesie
(his parents are the owners of a local coffeeshop)
the batman onesie
(his dad loves batman, i was reminded of this when
flipping through facebook photos of the couple and
the picture of the batman groom's cake came up)
the mustache onesie
(every guy should rock a mustache no matter
what age they are)
the bowtie onesie

the classic white shirt and tie onesie
There may be future posts similar to this one, as I also have another friend who is having a baby boy soon, and I already have ideas running through my head.

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