Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dating on a Dime

In an attempt to save some moo-lah (money) and an attempt to develop healthier eating habits, the boyfriend and I decided to put a limit on eating out. When eating out, one of the two following criteria must be met:

1. We must have a coupon to eat there.
2. We must share the meal. (ordering one entree for 2 people)

And so far so good.

The boyfriend recently purchased a coupon book from Groupon, that has made the endeavor a little easier.

So far meals have broke down as follows:

-Dinner with Amy, at Camille's (a local sidewalk cafe), purchased two sandwiches, that came with two orders or chip and salsa and two drinks for a little over ten dollars~ after a buy one sandwich get one free coupon from the trusty book. The free meal was ran by the boyfriends house after hanging out with amy.

-For the good ole two-month anniversary, we enjoyed some food at CityBites, which just happens to be the boyfriends favorite place to eat and we happened to have another buy one menu item, get one free. He had a sandwich, I had a potatoe.

-We have also delighted into Sonic 'buy one extra long coney, get one free'

-And Jamba Juice 'buy one, get one free as well.'

Also, two outings (taken for lack of wanting to cook and for convienance), we shared a #10 (10 pc nuggets) from Mcdonalds, and 3 cheese chicken nachos from Qdoba.

......and yes, I actually do sometimes cook some meals. So I'd say so far so good. And I feel like we are really seeing a difference in the bank accounts.
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