Wednesday, November 16, 2011

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Long, but not forgotten.

You may have think that because of the lack of posting, I have neglected the dating on a dime. I HAVE NOT!! I'm actually doing an even better job. The boyfriend and I are trying to save moo-lah, to get out of debt and get out quickly. And you may be thinking this should be pretty easy, but when youre trying to tackle a combined $80,000, its not the easiest goal.

We have decided to make a budget. We alloted more money for grocery money and less for eating out. And if im completely honest, when he began to talk about the eating out budget, I got a little defensive. I love eating out: easy and conveinent. How could this ever be bad?!? I am the queen of eating every lunch out during the week, and at least 3-4 dinners. Not only was this killing my wallet, but if there were some health tests conducted, I'm sure its killing my health as well.

So far, we are halfway (well halfway minus a day), and I think we're on track. Saving all our receipts, and stocking up on coupons (not extreme coupons though, just normal stuff, I'm stoked to see how the budget comes out.

Even better than the money we are saving, I am feeling healthy, and my body is thanking me.
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