Sunday, October 13, 2013

You're never too old for dress up!!

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So I have been meaning to blog about the costumes that I have made in the past, so that I can begin to blog about the ones I am making in the present. And since I am working on this years Halloween costumes today, and we are only a few weeks out from Halloween, I thought it would be a prefect countdown of sorts to the Holiday, and maybe help a couple people who need last minute ideas. Today, I will go over a costume for Rawle's 80s theme sports birthday party.

This costume, doesn't take much creativity, I'll admit. For this costume, I used an old pair of grey tights that I already had. I then scoured thrift stores for the perfect ensemble. I was lucky and able to find a black leotard (if you're not so lucky, I will advise how to make your own leotard in a future post). I then found this amazing purple wolf sweatshirt. I cut of the collar, allowing the sweatshirt to fall off one should and the strap from the leotard to show. You can pick up the sweatbands for your head and wrist at any local sports store or walmart for pretty cheap, unless of course you have some already on hand. And not seen in the picture, I created some leg warmers out of a fleece bought at the thrift store with elastic at the top and bottom of the sleeve I had cut off.

Costume topped off with some bright make up and a side pony. You can never go wrong with a side pony!!

Keep on the lookout, they get much better from here.

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