Thursday, July 18, 2013

Planning my dream wedding.

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I do not consider myself a wedding planning extraordinaire, nor do I consider myself any sort of wedding planner. I mean after all, this is my first, and hopefully, only wedding I have planned.

However, if I do say so myself, I am doing quite well at this thing.

I got engaged on April 28th, 2013, and we have set a date: May 4th, 2014. Which allows for basically right at a year. A little longer than I would have originally anticipated, but that picking the date thing, may be just as tricky as they say. We'll get into that one later.

Since we do have a little over a year, we have time to be patient about decisions, time to look at every single location we need to, time to scour stores for the perfect sale. I do realize there may be someone reading this that has shorter of a timeline, and for those, I'll do some of the dirty work for you. While this blog may have helpful tidbits for the masses, it will probably be most beneficial for those ladies in the oklahoma city market, so that is where I am located and where my dream wedding will be taking place.

And for those of you who normally read my blog (my mom and less than a handful of friends), sorry if there are no surprise factors, as they will almost all be talked about here. But then again, you guys are the ones helping me and that I am sharing with in my real life.

So not only do I hope one or two people find some of this info a tad helpful, I am also very excited to look back and reminisce on how exciting the planning was.

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